Impermanent beauty around the world

Many places around the world are popular only at certain times of the year or a few days a year.


During Spring, many people head to Holland to admire the famous Keukenhof garden. On 32 hectares of land every autumn, 40 gardeners plant 7 000 000 bulbs of various types of tulips, but also fragrant hyacinths. The garden, which many consider to be the most beautiful in Europe, is accessible.

Another destination that will charm you especially during the spring month is the land of the rising sun - Japan. Across the island, beautiful cherry blossoms from light pink to deep pink. There are web sites on the Internet that report when this happens.


Have you wondered where to go this the summer? How about smelling the scent of lavender and going to France? They usually bloom from the second half of June to the end of July. Sometimes they write August. It depends on what kind of lavender they planted. The ancient Abbey of Notre Dame de Senanque near Gordes is a fabulous place. We arrived with my mom at the end of June and it was too soon. At lower altitudes, some bloom already. White horses from Camargue and beautiful fields of lavender. Can you imagine?


Maybe atypical but beautiful Oslo is definitely worth your attention in the fall. The  Museum of the rough Vikings or the impressive Vigeland Park are just a few of the places of interest. But the biggest interest are the Norwegian fjords like Geiranger. Once the sun other times it is sprinkled with rain drops. You can read the reviews on our Disway.


And where to this winter? If you like witnessing  when nature is charming. In Lapland they are ready to take care of their guests and accommodate guests with disabilities. And you may even meet the true Santa Claus!

Find out more on the web of Marie and Paula, who have wheelchair accessible accommodation in Övertorneå, Sweden:

Have a good trip!