Czech Republic declares state of emergency

Those who haven't heard, the Czech government has declared an emergency because of coronavirus.

What does it mean?

Czech Republic is under quarantine until 24th March 2020. People should stay at home. Everyone should go out based only in the most urgent cases, such as going to work, basic shopping, health problems, walking the dog (avoid people if possible) or caring for a close person.

Czechs cannot cross the border abroad a foreigners cannot cross the border of the Czech Republic from Sunday 15th March 2020. Not obeying orders of the Czech government is considered a crime. 

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The Government of the Czech Republic declared  state of emergency in the Czech Republic. Emergency is declared for 30 days (at least for now). In connection with the declaration of an emergency state, a crisis measure was taken under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

Minister of Health issued an emergency measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic. This measure applies to foreigners who do not have permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic or do not work there; especially tourists.

If signs of an infectious disease are found, they are obliged to assist healthcare professionals in the collection of the samples.Furthermore, they are obliged to tolerate restrictions on the freedom of movement during the laboratory examination of the samples.

With effect from 6:00 p.m. on 10 March 2020, all theatre, music, film and other artistic performance, sports, cultural, religious, community, dance, traditional and similar events and other gatherings, exhibitions, celebrations, pilgrimages, tastings, markets and trade fairs, both public and private, which would be attended simultaneously by more than 30 people, are banned until the revocation of this extraordinary measure.

This ban does not apply to meetings, congresses and similar events held by constitutional bodies, public authorities, courts and other public or private entities (e.g. general meetings of joint-stock companies), which are held by law.

UPDATED 10:15: All stores, shops in the Czech Republic must close. The exceptions are: grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies, petrol stations, banks, the post office as well as a few other speciality shops. 

Nonstop hotline of the National Institute of Public Health: +420 724 810 106 and +420 725 191 367

Even though traveling is not a good idea right now, you can dream and plan to detail.