Traveling thank to the engaging stories

So far, it is not allowed to travel anywhere, but we can read about interesting nearby or distant places in books.

Sylvia Longmire - Everything You Need to Know About Wheelchair Accessible Cruising

Sylvia Longmire is a lady of many talents. She´s a mother, consultant, entrepreneur and well experienced traveler. Even though she was diagnosed with MS, she has a great courage to explore the world. She has been traveling since she was little and continues to do so as adult on scooter. Not afraid to travel solo. She also an advocate of the rights of disabled travelers.  She has several books on the account. If you are curious about accessibility of cruises, check her book out. She´s been on 20 adventures on board of a ship.


Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage

Any traveler looking for more than just a geographically descriptive book should give a try to the book "Alchemist" by the great Brazilian writer Paul Coelho. The story of the journey of the shepherd Santiago, to whom ordinary life turns into an extraordinary experience, is not easy to describe. He has inspired many of us to look at the world a little differently.

The author's first book, The Pilgrimage, inspired my mother to walk 300 km to Santiago de Compostela. I was lucky enough she dared to take me along for this unusual adventure. I wish everyone could experience the unique atmosphere of a pilgrimage through northern Spain, to Santiago de Compostela.

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Unforgettable Camino de Santiago on wheels -

James Joyce - Dubliners

James Joyce is a legend in Ireland. If you want to stroll down the streets of Dublin, where a wheelchair of the famous Molly Malone creaks at night, go for a short story book called The Dubliners. Read the stories of ordinary people of this beautiful place.

Have a good time with a good book. And don't worry, it will be better...