An accessible beach in the city of Fuengirola in Spain

The Spannish city of Fuengirola opens the bathing area adapted for people with reduced mobility and the elderly.

The City Council open the adapted bathing area of ​​San Francisco beach and provides permanent lifeguard service.

The Fuengirola City Council launches the bathing area adapted for seniors and people with reduced mobility on the San Francisco beach. As announced by the mayor of Playas, Javier Hidalgo, "this season, as a novelty, provides  a permanent lifeguard service to ensure the safety of everyone who wants to enjoy our coastline.

Service for people with mobility difficulties and the elderly to enjoy the sea was launched, for the first time, in 2018.

This season, in order to give a quality bonus of lifeguards being present, is free. It has been decided to have qualified lifeguards permanently, in the usual hours in which they provide service, that is, from 11:00 a. m. to 8 p.m., "Hidalgo has announced.

The swimming area is located on the San Francisco beach in Fuengirola. "The location of the service is ideal, since it is an environment where hardly any waves can be seen and, in addition, it is one of the most central in the city", explained the mayor in reference to the place where the accessible area is.

Where to go in Fuengirola

My mom and I visited this city of Fuengirola in Spain few years ago.

Fuengirola is a city of beautiful long beaches, shops, markets, bars and all kinds of attractions. We walked to Plaza de la Constitución, dominated by a beautiful church. You can experience the Mass there, but we were lucky to witness a great wedding. A glittering Cadillac, a gypsy woman reading out of hand and wedding guests, stood in front of the entrance. There was a ramp on the side of the church, so we went in to look inside with my mom to see the bride. She was really beautiful...

We liked it very much in Bioparc, a tiny little zoo. I'm always looking for gorillas and mum for her favorite meerkats and flamingos. We found them all ... about 200 more animals live here in picturesque pens as they tried to recreate their natural environment. Including many interesting buidings. If you decide to spend a holiday in Fuengirola,