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Blind photographer Roesie on being confident to achieve your dreams

Roesie Percy is a blind photographer who has a real passion for photography and exploration. Our writer Zubee talked to her about her experiences as a photographer, what motivated her to get behind the camera and how she became confident in her chosen career path. She hopes her story will inspire other disabled people to go out there and achieve their dreams.

Explore Yosemite’s Wheelchair Accessible Mariposa Grove

With the reopening of Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park in 2018, wheelchair-users and slow walkers now have an additional mile of accessible trails to explore. Not only did the three-year project increase accessibility in this popular national park, but it also restored the ecology of the grove and improved the overall visitor experience. The result is a healthier grove of over 500 giant sequoias — a grove that everyone can enjoy.