Kulturní dům Harrachov
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Harrachov 230, Harrachov, CZ
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Marie Harcubova
Community center in Harrachov, Czech Republic

In more than 120 years of its history, this building was used a club for local societies or a gym. After the war, spectators could watch the stars on the silver screen.

At present times the building had turned into desolate state over the years before it underwent extensive reconstruction. It took three years and in 2020 the building could be opened in the presence of local and regional representatives. Of course, Krakonoš, Trautenberk and Count Harrach and his retinue didn´t miss it.

You can come to watch a film, a cultural event and an exhibition.

What about accessibility? You can park in front of the center, but you have to come in advance to find a suitable place.

The entrance is barrier-free. Before the event, you can have a drink inside or buy popcorn.

Accessible places are at the level of the entrance to the hall. You can easily go to one of the tables. The cinena screen is in front of you. A few steps down lead directly to the stage, which is a little lower. Stairs lead to the rows above you.

Therefore, if you are interested in an event you find at harrachov.cz, I recommend booking a ticket to tic@harrachov.cz, tel: 481 529 600. Tickets can be purchased directly at the local tourist center.
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Kulturní dům Harrachov
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