‘This chair gives me my life back’ : Disabled passengers beg airlines to handle with care

Millions of Americans are traveling this week for the holidays. But for passengers with disabilities, the challenges of air travel can be significantly heightened. People continue to report embarrassing security pat downs, damaged and even lost mobility devices. In July alone, there were 834 reported incidents of damaged wheelchairs or scooters — an average of 28 a day.

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Square Jan Palach
Many Czechs have left an important imprint outside the borders of our country. After one of them, Jan Palach, they named one square in the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in beautiful Luxembourg city. This January, we commemorated 50 years since this student of history and political economics made decision for self-immulation at Wenceslas Square in Prague. He protested like this against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, and also against the passive attitude of Czech citizens to what was happening at that time. The idea of the Jan Palach square originated at the initiative of the then deputy mayor of Luxembourg, Fernand Zürn. He felt certain connection to the Czechoslovakia since World War II. He worked for a radio station in the Protectorate and helped with the resistance. They imprisoned him and sentenced him to death. Fortunately, during the Prague Uprising in 1945 he was free. It all began with a commemorative plaque, which Ferdinand Zurn and his colleague placed on the corner of Square on August 20, 1969, without permission, without the blessings of higher places. But nobody took it off. Jan Palach Square, located at the western end of Place d'Armes, became official after a visit of Czech President Václav Havel in 1991. There is also a historical memorial to the poets and writers of the Luxembourg national anthem, Dicks and Lentz, in this square. Luxembourg is very interesting and beautiful city, you should see ...
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Zámek Kynžvart
Zámek 347, Lázně Kynžvart, CZ
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Hradišťko 285, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, CZ
Mendelovo muzeum MU
Mendlovo náměstí 1a, Brno, CZ
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Fernpassstr. B179, Reutte in Tirol, AT
Centrum Ubytovani Břeclav
Stromořadní 839, Břeclav, CZ
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Veselí nad Lužnicí, CZ
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