Explore Yosemite’s Wheelchair Accessible Mariposa Grove

With the reopening of Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park in 2018, wheelchair-users and slow walkers now have an additional mile of accessible trails to explore. Not only did the three-year project increase accessibility in this popular national park, but it also restored the ecology of the grove and improved the overall visitor experience. The result is a healthier grove of over 500 giant sequoias — a grove that everyone can enjoy.

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Allianz Arena
The construction of the Allianz Arena football stadium in Munich took three years before opening in 2005. The building has a self-cleaning facade of a special foil that can change color. Red for Bayern matches, blue for Munchen 1860 matches and white for neutral events. An area of 6,500 m2 can accommodate over 75,000 fans and staff also thinks of those with disabilities. The parking lot P1 has reserved places on the third floor (Level 3). There are 227 wheelchair accessible seats in the arena with their companion at the level the main entrance. Visitors with a bad vision or visually impaired visitors can get headphones with commentary. For the deaf, they have special augmented reality glasses, where the text describes the events on the football field. Unfortunately these devices are probably not in Czech. The entire second floor is wheelchair accessible with lifts, the toilets are accessible, but you have to have the EURO key. The ticket for a disabled should cost 5 EURO. Enjoy ... !!!
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Lindava 167, Lindava, CZ
Zámek Buchlovice
Buchlovice, Buchlovice, CZ
Betlém Hlinsko
Příčná 350, Hlinsko, CZ
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San Francisco Bay
San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, US
Gran Hotel Ciudad de México
16 de Septiembre 82, Cuauhtemoc, MX
Pension Luis
Jistebnice, CZ
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