Disabled comedian Rosie Jones stars in new travel series Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure

Disabled comedian Rosie Jones has not let a global pandemic stand in the way of her travel plans. She’s been on a unique UK road trip as part of a new show on Channel 4 called Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure.

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MEH Museo de La Evolución Humana
Are you interested in history? And how about finding out something very interesting about the stages of human evolution according the famous Darwin´s theory ? If you happen to be heading to the Spanish city of Burgos, do not forget to visit the unique Museum of Human Evolution. They exhibit the well-preserved fossils of our ancestors. The also have the oldest of them in their collections. In the next part of the tour you will learn how archaeological research and laboratory research is taking place. In the museum, you can also see the exact replica of the ship that transported the aforementioned natural scientist and geologist Charles Darwin to the Galapagos. Rare exhibits come from the largest archaeological site in the world Atapuerca, located 20 km from the city of Burgos. Archaeologists have found more than a million years old human remains and their prehistoric instruments. The findings show an eye-catching and very important story about our us. In 2000, this place was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The whole museum is completely barrier-free.
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Termální lázně Bad Fussing
health & wellness
Kurallee 23, Bad Füssing, DE
Square Jan Palach
Square Jan Palach, Lëtzebuerg, LU
Zámeček Pastýřská stěna
Žižkova 236/6, Děčín IV-Podmokly, CZ
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Titanic Belfast
2 Queen's Quay, Belfast, GB
Gran Hotel Ciudad de México
16 de Septiembre 82, Cuauhtemoc, MX
Pension Luis
Jistebnice, CZ
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