Interview with Markus Kranich

The final workshop will take place at the Bildungs - und Begegnungsstätte Windmühle Seifhennersdorf. We talked about the Windmühle Education Centre, its history, its interesting form and what it offers to disabled visitors with Mr. Markus Kranich, M.A. President of the association.

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Château de Vianden
The fairytale castle of Vianden enchants everyone. The very foundations of the building dates back to Romanesque times. The Counts of Vianden have been mentioned since the 11th century. Thanks to inheritance, the castle later came into the hands of the Orange-Nassau dynasty. King Willem I then sold it to Wenceslas Coster. The man sold what he could inside the castle. Though it then returned to the Grand Ducal family, only the collections and admission provided the necessary money. Today Vianden looks beautiful again; as back in 13th century, when the castle and the whole town was in its heyday. The famous Victor Hugo also took refuge in the city for a few months. In the 19th century, and especially later in the 1970s, the castle underwent extensive reconstruction. In a complex of several buildings you will see Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic elements of architecture. You can park near the castle, where they have two places for disabled (on the sides of a private garage). In the ticket office at the castle we paid reduced admission. A relatively steep hill led to it, but it could be managed. There were a few cars up there, but under the hill there was a no entry sign that we dared not break. The courtyard and visitor center are accessible for the wheelchair. You can see the history of the castle there and buy a souvenir in the store. You can also get something to eat at the restaurant. The castle is otherwise unfortunately full of barriers. Vianden Castle is definitely worth a visit, even if you only take a selfie with this fairy tale castle.
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