Krásná Lípa region (Krásnolipsko) also has a lot to offer tourists with disabilities

Anyone who has never been to Krásná Lípa and the surrounding area should do so. We have this area pretty well mapped out. Just download our app Disway Trails

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Petrified Forest National Park
Do you want to go millions of years back in time? Do not miss an opportunity to visit the "petrified forest" in Arizona. The interesting Petrified Forest National Park used to be a swamp. Large trees like redwood grew here. Their old and rotten trunk often ended in the swamp, and the water rich for minerals turned their wood into stone. We went in the visitor center and got a map so we could start. We often stopped to enjoy breathtaking views. Some places can be reached even closer. A visitor in the wheelchair can easily get to the remains of the ancient Puerco Pueblo settlement and, of course, all the lookouts. Somewhere, however, the terrain is not very well adapted, often only partially, like around the Agate House. The gravel surface complicates the movement. Not only fossilized tree trunks, but the landscape surrounding them is breathtaking. Painted Desert and Blue Mesa look like someone painted them in beautiful hues of pink, blue, and grey color. Then the erosion worked on it. Different colors of layers show different time periods. Magnificent, I would say, almost gentle beauty. A geologist looking at the landscape reads in it like in a book about what was going on in the past. Rocks and fossilized trees lie here for millions of years, but their beauty has astonished researchers since the 16th century. Today, you have to pay the entrance fee to the park, but the interest of tourists and travelers does not decrease anyhow. This is proven by the beautifully adapted area, secure lookots and possibility of accommodation and variety of food to enjoy It was a great experience, it is worth stop by.
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Hotel Latrán
Latrán 75, Český Krumlov, CZ
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Pánův kříž
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Václavské náměstí
Václavské nám., Praha, CZ
American Eagle Outfitters
Red Sea Mall-inside Debenhams, جدة, SA
United States Botanic Garden
100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, US
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