About project

Disway in an unique project. It connects functions of a social site with a database of locations and informations about them - mainly to tell about the accessibility of the place. It must have happened to almost every handicapped person on Earth: you go out and look forward to enjoy some place that is promised to be accessible, but when you arrive, the reality is far from expectations. This is the reason why we decided to create Disway. To create a platform for handicapped people, to allow them to exchange true and proved information between them. Disway is a community of those, who don't want to spend their whole lives inside their homes, but want to go out and explore the world together.

Create your own traveller's profile and inform the rest of the community about accessibility of the places you know. Help us to make the world more comfortable.

Do you fancy joining the project? We are still searching for new and capable team-mates, who can help us with managing the points of interest, developing, administrating the social sites or to help us financially. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

The team
Jirka Jiří Maule co-founder
Filip Filip Molčan (blog) co-founder
Milan Milan Novotný fundraiser
Tomáš Tomáš Vančura developer
Hanka Hanka Jetenská administrator
Marie Marie Harcubová (blog 1, blog 2) ambassador
Jindřich Jindřich Jonák (blog) ambassador