How can a traveler who cannot travel now have fun?

Many travelers had to rethink their plans and cancel long-planned trips. Here are some tips on how to have fun ...

Whether your travel plans have been baffled or something else has come into it, you can go on the road later when the situation calms down. Meanwhile, you can file your itinerary.

Finding information about a destination takes time, even more when a traveler is disabled. The trip needs to be well prepared and requires  planning to the detail.

Maybe you missed some interesting attraction or you are not sure if the selected hotel, hostel or guesthouse has the parameters you need.

For example, read a book by an author who is famous there or likes to write about the destination. Often, their engaged storytelling will take you to beautiful places you want to see in reality. When you finally arrive, you will feel at home there. Suddenly a sentence or story will come to your mind and you will immediately perceive it differently.

Check out good travel TV documents or a virtual tours.

The television program offers many high quality documentaries by many famous filmmakers. Today, it is very popular to capture the beauty of the surroundings by drone. Some shots are really cool. Don't forget to go through the famous Youtube travel channels. There is plenty of inspiration or advice on what to watch out for.

Get your photos in order

When you have to stay at home, how about killing time by organizing your photo albums in your computer.  Your overloaded computer definitely needs to feel some relieve and you will begin to travel and recall unforgettable moments.

And maybe you´ll decide to make a photo book of your travels. There are enough programs and companies involved, eg Mixbook or Cewe.

And what else can you do?

We will be pleased if you share your travel experience with our social network Disway. A disabled traveler needs detailed information about the accessibility of places and accommodation around the world. Therefore, if you have time and love to write, sign up and share a good tip for a trip on Disway web.

We are looking forward to traveling and discovering again, but we have to wait. Take care of yourseves.