Where to have a glass of something good

Attention! Most tips for those over 18.

Pilsner Urquell

One of the most visited places in the Czech Republic, which can be visited by people with disabilities, is the Pilsen brewery.

The history of this brewery where Pilsner Urquell is brewed dates back to 1842. They believe that the recipe has not changed over the years. The golden drink has an excellent taste and its charm, the news has spread over Czech meadows and groves. The tailor Pinkas in Prague was so inspired by this beer that he opened his own pub. It didn't take long for them to know about Czech beer in Vienna, Austria, and it even reached the New World.

If you want to know more and taste the legendary beer, you can. They are ready for visitors with disabilities. The Pilsen brewery has plenty of space for a wheelchair during the tour, there are also elevators and ramps. Braille material for the blind and text for the deaf are available.

Guinness Storehouse

You have to go to Ireland to taste the legend named Guinness.   Irish writer James Joyce is said to speak of Guinness beer as the "wine of Ireland". It is also called "food in glass"; it is very dark, thick, sweet and satiates quickly. The Guinness Storehouse is definitely not to be missed on your itinerary when visiting the capital of Ireland, beautiful Dublin.

The unique seven-storey building in the shape of a pint of beer was opened in 2000. The tour begins at the bottom of the glass and ends in an imaginary beer foam. Thanks to the lifts, it is not a problem for wheelchair users to visit any part of the tour. The illustration of the creative process from the ingredients used to the final pint of Guinness beer is very interesting and engaging. You will also be able to learn about the history of the brewery and the life of its founder Arthur Guinness. Each participant of the tour can even try to pour a perfect pint of beer. Guinness is always put into a perfectly clean glass two times, for a total of 119.5 seconds, the faucet must not touch the glass and the foam must be 2 cm. When you complete the task, you will receive a certificate.

At the end of the tour, sit in the Gravity Bar on the top floor of the brewery, where you can enjoy views of the beautiful city of Dublin. One free beer is included in the price of each ticket.

Old Jameson Distillery

Jameson, the distillery of the best-selling Irish whiskey, established in Dublin 1780. We went there and learned that the difference between Scotch and Irish whiskey is that when sprouting barley for Scotch, there is a fire burning under it and there´s smoke. And when the barley sprouts for Irish whiskey, it lies on the tile, so smoke does not affect it. And if anyone thinks that the whiskey he's got in the cellar for fifty years will be better and more mature, that's not true. Whiskey age only in barrels, Irish for at least seven years. And how the whiskey matures, the part that evaporates each year is considered a gift to the angels ... And why are sheep and cows smiling in Ireland? Because they get the rinsed grains...

Mayan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory

If you would rather have a glass of a virgin drink, for example in the Mayan Monkey chocolate factory in Mijas, Andalusia.

I read about this little chocolate factory before the trip to Andalusia. Little did I know that this was the smallest chocolate factory in the world.

It took me and my mother  a while to find it in the square of Virgen de la Peña, in the picturesque town of Mijas.

We walked inside the counter with many kinds of ice cream, through the cake shop and chocolate of all shapes and flavors. We walked back to the glass door, or rather the shop window, behind which was a girl so focused on work  that she didn't even notice us.

We returned to the ice cream and cakes, where two boys were busy behind the counter. We asked if we could look at the production of chocolate and we were taken in by a very energetic Englishman Callum. I thought he could easily audio-book, because his narration was not boring or monotonous.

He began by processing the fruits of the cacao tree and beans and the journey from the plantation to them. The beans are first fermented and dried. They are then minced, pressed and then the cocoa butter is separated. The rest being cocoa powder. Of course, sugar and other ingredients such as milk powder must be added, because the cocoa bean itself is insanely bitter. We were fascinated by three taps, from which dark, milk and white chocolate flowed. Yummy ... fantasy. Our favorite dark is said to be the best when it is 70%.

The whole tour was free, but they also have courses where you can make your own chocolate to taste. The shortest ten-minute workshop costs 11.70 EUR. The participant takes away three bars of chocolate, neatly wrapped and his name is not missing on the packaging.

It was great and most importantly accessible for the wheelchair. You just have to ...! And don't forget to try their delicious ice cream.