A few tips for lovers of beautiful flowers and plants

In every season we can be enchanted by the beauty of plants and flowers.

Živá voda Modrá, Velehrad, Czech Republic

Wheelchair accessible,  the building has a lift. The building has a ground floor and two floors underground tunnel in depth of 3.5 meters below the water surface. They have it adapted for blind, there is an aquarium (Touch Pool ), have placed model of life size fish  description in Braille. Living Water is located on the main road of the Staré Město by Uherské Hradiště towards Velehrad in village of Modrá. There are botanical and freshwater exhibits Živá voda (Living Water). Parking area is between Živá voda (Living Water) and archeological museum.

Botanical Garden Prague – Troja, Czech Republic

In the Botanical Garden Prague - Troja, visitors can explore the landscaped area with an impressive collection of ornamental garden plants. In the garden is a tropical greenhouse, historic vineyards of St. Clara and Japanese meditation garden. The garden features a natural park with a nature trail, archeopark and freely accessible playground in the form of a Celtic settlement in a birch grove. The garden is on a hill, it is possible to bring wheelchairs into the street Nádvorní the garden, botanical garden itself is on the plane, all are wheelchair accessible.

Botanical garden, Liberec, Czech Republic

It is the oldest in the Czech Republic. There are 9 greenhouses with different microclimates, with an area of ​​1,400 square meters. It is here presented 13 different botanical themes - carnivorous plants, ferns, Australian flora, cacti pavilion aquariums and terrariums, but also outdoor exposure - plants that have foothill, humid climate. Dogs are not allowed. Grounds of the botanical garden is disabled, the upper floor of the pavilion is a lift.

Botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro

Who would not be enchanted by the beauty of nature... One of these beautiful places is the botanical garden in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro. You can also see the famous statue of Christ on Corcovado Mountain from here.

In a park of 140 hectares you can find thousands of tropical plants, mainly shrubs and trees. Some palm trees are lucky and to live for hundred of years.

This unique piece of nature was founded in 1808 by King John VI. Since 1822, the garden, full of beautiful plants and with more than 140 species of birds, even one species of hawk, has been open to the public.

A unique experience is the sales exhibition of orchids of many shapes and sizes.

You can move around the botanical garden with a wheelchair on the dirt roads without any problems.