Olomouc - the charming metropolis of Haná region in the Czech Republic

If you have the opportunity to see this city, definitely do not miss such a trip.

Parking spaces for the disabled can be found in both the Upper and the Lower Square.

Baroque column of the Holy Trinity

In the Upper Square, the impressive Baroque structure from the 18th century, which has been on the prestigious list of the UNESCO Heritage Sites since 2001, attracts attention. The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc is the largest sculptural group in Central Europe. It rises to a height of 35 meters. You can see statues of 18 saints, 12 light bearers and 12 apostles. There is also a gilded and copper sculpture of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. Unfortunately, the inner chapel is not accessible due to several steps.

Astronomical clock in Olomouc city

Unfortunately, the 15th century astronomical clock, which influenced socialist realism, was repaired at the time of our visit. It attracts attention, because today's look comes from the 50s of the 20th century. Instead of the usual saints, in the window at noon you will see, for example, a worker, a mother with a child, a clerk, an athlete and others. At the end of the session, the cock crows.

Caesar's Fountain

It is the largest of the six fountains. It was completed in 1725.

Cathedral of St. Wenceslas

The original Romanesque basilica dates from the 12th century. Prince Otto II began building. Under the auspices of his brother Svatopluk. The original is only the layout of the three-nave. It has been rebuilt many times. After a fire in 1265, it acquired a Gothic appearance. The third tower with a height of 100, 65 meters is the second highest in Bohemia and not only that, in the tower is located the bell of Wenceslas, which weighs 8 tons and is the largest in Moravia.

There is an important chapel of St. Stanislav with Renaissance decoration and also the Loreto Chapel with the Black Madonna of Loreto, Italy.

Cathedral of St. Wenceslas is accessible via a metal ramp. A wooden tactile model is prepared for visitors with visual impairments.

St. Wenceslas Brewery and Beer Spa 

Stop by and look at their GOLEM. That´s how they call the brewing tank. The brewery with a restaurant and beer spa offers six types of beer, home cooking, organizes corporate events, banquets, wedding receptions. One can relax in the bath of dark beer. If there is not so much time, you can take the beer in a plastic bottle with you. The building is wheelchair accessible. However, staff must be contacted to open the side entrance.

Botanical Garden of Palacký University Olomouc

You can find it in Smetana's orchards  (Smetanovy sady). You can see 1500 species of plants and flowers not only from Central Europe. Admission is free, but  if an event going on, it may be charged for a short period of time. The garden is barrier-free except for the rock garden.