The Queimadas Trail on Madeira Island in Portugal - A Way For All

A review from Reduced Mobility Tours BY Madeira Acessível By Wheelchair

A Path That Begins At Pico Das Pedras And is Ending In The Queimadas Forest Park.

One Of The Only Paths Prepared For People With Reduced Mobility And Blind People.

It's A Pretty Long Way, Passing Through Nature.

This Path Can Do With An Electric Chair, Always Have Some Attention, Which Although They Say It Is Prepared, Some Passage Areas Have Enough Leaves, Earth, Lameiro And Roots Of The Trees, Which Along The Route Can Become Uncomfortable And The Chairs Get Stuck. It's Not Any Kind Of Electric Chair, Or Scooter.

(It Is Recommended To Use Equipment With Some Power To Not Get Stuck).

Can Be Done With The Help Of Front-wheel Drive Equipment

It Is Possible To Make This Journey With A Blind Person, Clinging To The Varandim, Having The Support Of A Person. The Floor Is Quite Uneven. To Make This Route We Took About 1h30 In A Wheelchair To Each Side.

Along The Way, The Silence Of Nature Rules, We Appreciate The Birds Around Us, We Smell The Trees.

A Quiet Place...

When It's Morning, We Feel It In The Air, Still The Morning Dew.

At The End Of This Route, We Find The Parque Das Queimadas.

In This Park Has Chairs And Tables, Where We Can Have A Small Picnic

It Has A Small Support Café☕️???????? , Where It Has Cakes And Other Madeiran Delicacies

In This Place Has A House, The House Of The Burned Is Linked To The Construction Of The Levada Of The Green Cauldron, Whose Beginning Is Between 1877 And Its Conclusion Around 1904. It Is Thus Related To The Cyclopic Task That Crossed The Island for Centuries, Since About 1425 , To Tame Nature And Enjoy Its Riches, Such As The Abundant Water That Should Be Water That Should Be Channeled And Used In Agriculture. In Addition To The Extensive, And Often Dangerous, Work Of Canalizing The Water And Building The Levadas, Especially Since The 19th Century, Many Outsider Hikers Were Ecstatic With The Abrupt Beauty Of The Ravines And Mountains Of The North Coast, Making Especially The Quinta Hotels Acciaolly And Figueira, First On The North Coast And Nerve Points, Home Of The Attack On The Difficult And Amazing Views Of The Misty North. These Landscapes Were Then Often Drawn And Engraved Throughout The 19th Century, Especially By The English, Creating Travel Albums.

It Has An Adapted Bathroom. ????????????♿️

In The Park Itself, There Is A Space Where There Are Ducklings????, We Can See And Feed, Many Birds ????Usually Appear, Especially To Steal The Crumbs We Leave Behind.

The Company, Madeira Acessivel By Wheelchair, Has This Route As The Best, For Those Who Want To Enjoy Nature, It Is Possible To Do With Our Chair Of All Terrain, Where You Will Not Have Major Problems In Doing It Safely.

When You Arrive At The Queimadas Park, You Can Have A Snack, Relax, Be With Your Family. ????‍????‍????‍????

We Are Not A Simple Company, We Are The Company That Cares About You, Taking Accessibility Further Than Normal.

Queimadas Forest Park - Santana, Madeira wheelchair access video: