Places in the Czech Republic similar to the ones abroad and vice versa

Where to go and barrier-free?

The village of Starovičky, Czech Republic

In the small town of Starovičky near the city of Hustopeče, there is a lavender farm Lavandia, which was founded by wheelchair user Stanislav Bíza. Lavender is grown here without the use of chemicals. Products from this medicinal plant can be bought in the local shop. You will support a sheltered workshop and you will have a unique souvenir. If you want to look at a beautiful field, a field path about a kilometer long leads to it. Help needed if you are a wheelchair user. It's worth it.

La Grande Motte and Abbaye de Senanque, France

We discovered a blooming lavender field during our Provencal adventure near La Grande Motte. That beauty takes your breath away. Beware, there are many hardworking bees in such a field. You can also see beautiful Camargue horses nearby. Sénangue Monastery from the 12th century is also a famous lavender place. To this day, monks are inhabited there.

Kamenický Šenov, Czech Republic

Panská skála near the town of Prácheň near Kamenický Šenov. It is a unique stone formation of volcanic origin. The rock has played the main role in many films, and especially in one Czech fairy tale. This place is accessible, although the access to the rock is better with help.

The Giant's Causeway, Nothern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway, the unique basalt formation in Antrim County in Northern Ireland, is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1986. Tourists most often arrive from the Bushmills town, 5 km away, famous mainly thanks to the whiskey distillery.

In 2012, they opened new Visitor Center with nearby parking area and several wheelchair spaces. There is a fee. The center, where you will find information about the origin of hexagonal, but also pentagonal and quadruangular stones, is barrier-free, with accessible souvenir shop and toilets.

You can get to the Causeway by the blue trail by yourself. At several places on the sidewalk, the terrain may be bit difficult and slippery when wet. In addition, you can hit in tourists who do not even see you, because they are all taking photos. For safety and convenience you can use the shuttle that stops at the Tourist Center.

Though you will not be able to climb the stones as able-bodied visitors, the view is still worth it.

Lednice Castle, Czech Republic

The local fairytale castle was built by the Liechtensteins and since 1996 it has been on the UNESCO List of Cultural and Natural Heritage.

At the entrance to the castle, you have to ovecome 4 steps, but the first circuit of the tour is otherwise accessible for wheelchair users.

In general, the stairs complicate life for wheelchair users, but the decorative staircase leading from the library to the chambers will definitely catch everyone's attention.

Moving around the beautiful castle garden is not a problem with a wheelchair.

Glochester, United Kingdom

The city of Glochester is located on the River Severn. The local cathedral of St. Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity starred in films about a gifted magician named Harry Potter. It dates from the 11th century and you will see both Norman and Gothic style. The main entrance is barrier-free. The floor may be uneven somewhere. There are also elevators.

Employees are able to provide services for the deaf.

Large format information is available.

Disabled parking available.