Karlovy Vary - a spa city that is worth getting to know up close

The spa city of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic is a great remedy for many ailments. Even people with disabilities will feel good here,

Hot spring colonnade

For a person who comes here for the first time, the first attraction is probably the Vřídelní Colonnade. It belongs to the five main colonnades in Karlovy Vary. The inner hall is spacious and the hottest spring with a temperature of more than 73 ° C pours here. It is cooled and divided into spring vases marked A, B and C. Don't forget to buy a water drinker in one of the stalls. From the outside, notice the architecturally interesting high polygon made of glass by the sculptor Jan Fišer. It is supposed to symbolize the beating heart of the spa town.

Hot spring

The famous gushing geyser also had its home in the above-mentioned colonnade. Due to extensive reconstruction, it was temporarily relocated. The water reaches a height of 12 meters. When a person walks around, drops of this healing water often fall on the passer by.

Mill Colonnade

It is wheelchair accessible from one side by a wheelchair. My mother and I hid from the rain in this largest pseudo-Renaissance building, which was ceremoniously opened in 1881. Five hot springs like Rusalka, Prince Wenceslas or Libuše kept us company before the rain stopped.

Karlovy Vary Museum

The Karlovy Vary Museum was established thanks to Dr. Josef Löschner together with the regional library and archive. Thanks to local patriots, they managed to put together collections such as spa cups. They also map the history of tinsmithing and glassmaking. The exhibits are complemented not only by information boards, but also by interactive touch screens, and some objects can also be touched. There is a ramp outside and elevator inside that can take you upstairs.

Becherovka Museum

We were looking for the museum for a while, but found it soon. They said that if you are interested in a tour, you should book it in advance. We risked it and they had just vacancies. Becherplatz is an interesting area, where there is not only a museum, but also a themed souvenir shop, a restaurant with a brewery and apartments where you can stay. The tour guide played us a short film about history and then added a few interesting facts. How has the design of the bottle changed over the years? What herbs and spices belong in the famous liqueur? A fragrant room is really an experience. What types of Becherovka exist and how is it actually produced? The guide will be happy to answer all these questions. At the end of the tour in the bar, you will taste all the different flavors of Becherovka liqueur. I can recommend this barrier-free museum. There is an elevator the lady ooperated with a smile.


The castle tower and its elevator

Our friends recommended us a lookout close to the Castle Tower, whose origins date back to the time of Charles IV. In 1911, an elevator was added. The entrance to the elevator is in a shop with Karlovy Vary wafers. The elevator is considered a technical and cultural monument. Therefore, the replicas of the windows, which are part of the elevator shaft had to keep the original appearance during the reconstruction in 2007.

Stay healthy.