Prague the beautiful

My mother and I decided to spend the recent Easter holidays in Prague.

Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument

This place has its charm. The view of the city is beautiful and when the sky is blue, it is even more beautiful. We entered to the Basilica of Peter and Paul, where the Mass had just ended. It was worth climbing the few steps at the entrance. In the famous cemetery,  for example, there is an interesting tombstone of Vlasta Burian, or resting places of composers Bedřich Smetana or Antonín Dvořák.

Public transport in Prague

During the Easter holidays, there was a suspended traffic service on line C, which we planned to use extensively. Fortunately, the helpful lady at public transport of the capital city of Prague explained the alternative transport by bus and tram. We got with the wheelchair everywhere and it was a great ride.

You can get information here if needed:

Our next point of interest was the famous Prague Castle

It was not a problem to move around the area with in a wheelchair. We first visited St. Vitus Cathedral. It´s decoration, it absolutely will take your breath away. Just beware, even if people with disabilities have free entrance to the cathedral, they must have a ticket (free of charge) to the paid area. You can get it in the info center. The queue can be long, but a wheelchair user usually has the advantage to skip it.

More info here:

Waldstein Riding School

This is a space for short-term exhibitions of the National Gallery. Access was completely barrier-free and free entry for wheelchairs and a companion. We were interested in an exhibition called Buddha up close, which was beautiful. Really experience… !! You can see the program on the official website: