Valtice Castle - one of the pearls on the UNESCO World Heritage List

It may not be one of the most barrier-free places in the Czech Republic, but it is definitely worth visiting Valtice Castle and enjoy the beautiful architecture.

It looks impressive from a distance. It is no wonder that this gem of the Lednice-Valtice area is on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The original castle from the 11th century became a chateau during the 17th - 18th century, which used to be the residence of the noble Liechtenstein family.

Since my mother and I didn't know what terrain awaited us, I found the nearest Parking lot by the castle near the herb garden, where they grow more than 300 plants. It should be barrier-free, but we didn´t have a chance to find out firsthand. The high season had not started yet at the time of our visit and had unfortunately been closed.

The honorary courtyard of Valtice can be reached without barriers around the stairs, but it is a bit uphill. They have an information center in the chateau complex, but beware at the entrance there is a small step almost like  threshold. They sell various souvenirs and also something for children. Fortunately, there´s an Information center with an ammazing ramp and with very helpful staff.

In the inner courtyard of the Valtice chateau, we were mainly interested in the stylish Chokolito chocolate factory. We just had to overcome one or two steps at the entrance, but the pralines and hot chocolate there was an amazing reward and experience. The lady there was incredibly kind and helpful.

If you need a barrier-free toilet, it is in the inner courtyard without any problems but you have to pay a fee. The historical coin-throwing system was interesting.

The barrier-free chateau theater and riding halls also had not started the high season yet, so we couldn't look inside.

Inside the castle itself, none of the tours is barrier-free, but the Baroque decoration of the exterior attracts attention of everyone. The castle park has about 25 hectares, but it discouraged us to explore the rather hilly terrain.

Colonnade on Reistna hill

About 2 km from Valtice is the magnificent Colonnade Na Rajstně located on the hill Reistenberg.  John I had this monument built not only in memory of his father Francis and his late brothers, but he was also happy to give local people a job. It was possible to park comfortably near the colonnade and go on  the road to the monument of Empire triumphalism with a beautiful view of Valtice city.







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nitin chandna
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