Destinations that should not escape your attention in 2023

All well-known magazines publish their lists of interesting destinations and trips. We have couple of them for you, too.

There is sweet France often mentioned. A place that has a unique charm is called…


Le Mont Saint Michel in France

One of France's most beautiful and famous attractions is Le Mont Saint Michel.

Visitors arriving by car must park in one of the many car parks and wheelchair users can park in the nearest one. You have to pay for it.

From the car park you can get to the nearby tourist center, where is a shuttle bus. Shuttles to Mont St. Michel is free. The frequency of departure and arrival is about 30 minutes, but it also depends on the season. Distance from the car parks to the Mountain of St. Michel is 2.5 km.

The bus stops at a bus stop on a pretty spacious road. It often passes by horse carriage that also carries tourists, but not for free ... and it didn´t look barrier-free either.

The road, which provides comfortable access to the medieval town (with 35 inhabitants), has a sidewalk on each sides and many visitors walk there.

Every now and then someone takes a selfie with this really photogenic monument behind. You better be careful not to hurt someone with a wheelchair or someone stumble over you. Be sure to take a picture of the beauty, too, you will definitely have wonderful photos.

The town itself, surrounded by walls, is partly accessible for a wheelchair, but prepare for the beautiful romantic streets with the cobblestones. Although you can't get far in your wheelchair, because the narrow streets are later on a hill, ort he way continues by steps, but it doesn't matter. It is really worth it to experience the atmosphere of shops, restaurants and small hotels in the medieval houses.

One cannot get to the abbey if disabled. There are plenty of steps leading to it.

Church dedicated to St. Michalel, the patron saint of the sailors, was founded in the year 709. A little later, the Benedictines settled here and in the 11th century the area was extended with monastic spaces and crypts in the Romanesque style. In the 13th century, thanks to King Philip Augustus, a Gothic section was added, and in the 14th century defensive military elements were built because of the Hundred Years' War.

Thanks to Rome and St. James of Compostela, this place was always an important pilgrimage site. For hundreds of years pilgrims were going on the a "way to paradise" and waiting for absolution from Archangel Michael. The spire on which the statue stands, dates back to the 19th century.

You should see this architectural jewel, do not rob yourself of the experience. It's just ... "Wow!"


Sandia Peak Tramway in New Mexico

Sandia Mountains got its name from Spanish and it means watermelon. At sunset, the mountain range gets a color of melon and when you are looking from the west, the top has greenish hue thanks to coniferous trees. Well, the more likely story is that locals mistaken gourds for watermelon.

Public transport doesn´t go to the station. You can get there by taxi or car. There´s a spacious parking lot with spaces for disabled near the entrance. Disabled person pays full prize for a ticket, there´s discount for seniors or veterans.

Disabled person goes into the cabin first, where 50 passengers can fit in. It takes about 15 minutes to to get to the top. On the way up you pass the gullies and sandstone rocks. The disabled passenger goes out of the cabin first as well. Inside the station up at the top, you can look at an exhibition of local fauna and flora. Cibola National Park is part of the mountain range. You can enjoy amazing views of Albuquergue and surrounding area thanks to great wooden ramps.


Sydney - impressive city you must see

Sydney Tower Eye

The observation tower is located inside Westfield Shopping Center. The view from this highest point in Sydney is really worth it. People can get lost in the building a little before getting to the 5th floor, where is the entrance to the 309 m high observation tower, you can find elevators there, ramps and helpful people everywhere.

Taronga Zoo

The zoo was another on the list of attractions that my mom and I wanted to visit. We were looking forward to seeing koala after three weeks in Australia.

Cape of Good Hope is a very nice name for a rocky headland in South Africa and it is a nice piece of land that´s worth seeing.

Cape of Good Hope

Cape is considered the southernmost point in Africa, although geologically it is Agulhas Cape, about 160 km away. To Cape of Good Hope, people usually go there for a one day trip from Cape Town.