Given the day that´s in it – St. Patrick´s Day

Are you wearing something green today? Good luck. We celebrate St. Patrick´s Day today.

If you plan to visit Ireland in the future, read two of our blogs about one and only Emerald Isle barrier—free.

Ireland - what a beautiful and vivid like a dream country on the edge of Europe

Ireland is a country of mystery, superstition and folk traditions. The Irish legends are full of elves, fairies, talismans, and there´s also St. Patrick, patron of the "Emerald Isle" Ireland is a beautiful picturesque country full of lush greenery, trees, stones, interesting sights, special windy days and warm hearted people.

Strolling through sunny Dublin in a wheelchair

For the first time after a long travel break due to covid, my mother and I went for a trip to Dublin, Ireland. It was a great feeling to be able to observe the hustle and bustle at the airport once again. It's true that the wait for our plane was bit long and we were chasing each other with an assistant for disabled at the airport for a while... lucky to find him at last.