About Good Sailors company, a safe harbour of Disway

About us

Filip – Captain

One of our first employees was a colleague in a wheelchair, who is our CTO now. When we hired him and started to realize that it wouldn't be bad to connect these two aspects in some way. This means helping people with disability while doing interesting projects for our customers. So we decided to give it a try. We are still here more than 18 years later.

Today we develop apps and employ about 30 people.

Mirek - deck officer

I enjoy selection procedures. I enjoy deadlines. I enjoy the temporary pressure that there must be 1000 + 1 document and it must work out fine. I also enjoy the European projects in which we participate. I don't have to commute to work. Everyone is available, when needed, there is a friendly atmosphere.

Everything just locks together nicely. I have to say that I was very lucky to find the small piece of paper at the employment office where all the information was and I actually came here. It´s the best of luck.

They taught to me everything I know here with the most attentive care, with such a willingness to come, help and give some advise at any time. Top management, it's just unbelivable. It is almost like a family business. Those people here are my friends. I would work for them out of working hours if they needed to.

Filip - Captain

Although we are a sheltered workshop, we are also a functioning company, which if there were no subsidy programs and state subsidies to support the disabled tomorrow, we say that we could have continued to function. We are not dependent on state support. This means that we are a healthy functioning business.

We have won many awards over the many years of our existence. From Employer of the Year without Barriers, to the Top 100 Innovators in Europe according to Google and Financial Times, where we succeded thanks to our project Disway, which is a social network for disabled travelers.

Marie – navigator

People can share their experience with accessibility or inaccessibility on the road. Even when we don't travel at the moment, people still like to read about it.

Lída - mother of navigator Marie

They like to look at photos as well.


Anyone who needs help with something travel related, or needs advice or information, can contact Disway. We will answer their questions. I also write blogs, all kinds of reviews even on restaurants and hotels. It is in Czech and English. I also manage the company's social networks.


When our trip to the US turned out to be successful, we had nothing to worry about (laughs the mother of navigator Marie). It gave us the courage to go to other countries. In addition, we´ve been lucky to meet great people along the way, because a lot of people help us.


We have been to 37 states and 5 continents. Able-bodied don´t see the barriers, disabled do.


They don't notice it. At all. You don't notice the stairs when you walk. One step and… no access.

We were at the audience with the Pope, Poles and Germans had. Of course, the dioceses take their disabled with them for a blessing. A guy in livery saw us, he belonged the guards of Pope. He took my wheelchair handles, we didn't know why. He normally ran through the nave, a huge one, with Marie in a wheelchair. We had no idea… there were people with disabilities in a semicircle and nuns. They spread them out to give more space and put Maruška in there. They gave me a chair behind her. Pope John Paul II stood over three people from us. He came to us, blessed Marie and shook my hand.

Since then, we have been traveling, (pre Covid times) not afraid of anything.

Filip - Captain

Sometimes someone asks us why we do business here in the north of the Czech Republic. The reason is quite simple. Most of the founders come from here. Even though we spent many years abroad or in Prague, we decided to return, because I think it is important for the region. We are trying to find skilled people, who do not want to flee to Prague or big cities. Even though we have the vast majority of customers from Prague or abroad, thanks to the ability to communicate and work remotely, it can be handled without any problems.

Our name is Good Sailors, because we think we actually are good sailors. Like a sailor, who is at sea, he does not fight against the wind and the waves. He tries to use the natural elements to his advantage and get to his destination safely.

We approach disabled in the same way. We try to take the disadvantages fate brought them and take advantage of the good in them, the positive. To do interesting projects and great things together.


Our mission is to interconnect the world of sharp business with helping disabled people, whom we try to engage to work on the most interesting projects in the Czech Republic, with which able-bodied people often don´t dare to deal with.