Spain to train assistants for tourists with accessibility needs

By Disability Insider

Many people with disabilities have an unique set of needs and challenges in regards to travelling and enjoying tourist destinations.

In Spain, the State Representative Platform of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (Predif) is launching an online course that, financed by the Secretary of State for Tourism , will train professionals in the travel sector to specialize as personal assistants of tourists with accessibility needs.

The course, comprised of 50 hours, runs from June 14-July 19 and will focus training on the attention of tourists who visit the cities of Madrid, Valladolid and Palma de Mallorca.

“A large part of people with disabilities or accessibility needs need a personal assistant when they travel, support that involves a very high cost that few tourists can afford,” explained the promoters of this Innovation, Inclusion and Sustainability project.

Key objectives of this initiative include the elimination of long trips for personal assistants, the creation of jobs and, fundamentally, improving the travel experience of the tourist.

People interested in training as assistants for tourists with disabilities through this course must fill out a form through the following link.