Our mapping team worked like a busy bee

Author of the blog post is Milan Novotný

Our team got busy on 26th May. We mapped the trail from Jablonné v Podještědí to Lemberk Castle in the Czech Republic. Duo Aleš Černohous and Milan Novotný was accompanied by Jana Panáčková to check out the accessibility of this trail with a stroller.

„The Lemberk Castle itself is bit difficult for wheelchair user, but the trail from Marvart pond, around the stream of Zdislava and Black Lake is beautiful,“ Aleš said.

The Lemberk Castle offers only the ground floor tour to visitors in a wheelchair, but even here they have to overcome big doorstones. „We´ll try to have a meeting with the National Heritage Institute and find some sensitive solution together to make this place more accessible for wheelchair users“, added Jana Panáčková, who used to work as a preservationist.

Aleš and Milan moved to Krompach later in the afternoon, where a professional personal assistant Honza Komůrka accompanied them. They decided to climb up Hochwald, the lower peak of which with a lookout is on the German side of the border. The way up the Hochwald is pretty difficult and it is necessary to have a strong companion with you. It can be recommended only to those who are strong and like challenges. The disabled person, who would like to enjoy the view bellow the lookout has to overcome about 10 steps, to get to the viewpoint terrace.

„There are beautiful views all along the trail, but the climb up to Hochwald was difficult for me,“ laughs Milan.

It was quite rewarding to move to nearby Cvikov after such a exhausting climb where our team was mapping the local  restaurant in the brewery. We have to come back after the reconstruction and check accessibility of this place and its accommodation.