Where there’s a will, there’s a way – Let us introduce you to Grabštejn Castle

You might remember our complaints about how it is with accessibility of Czech sights in one of our previous posts. From our recent experience we have to say that every cloud has a silver lining.

Our mapping accessibility team got to visit Grabštejn Castle, which still serves as a military base. Therefore you should talk to manager of the castle before your visit, because she can arrange the permission to enter. There´s a way around the castle and military base, but not suitable for disabled.

Our past experience, when visiting historical sights, led us to be bit cautious and have the permission to get in advance.

Aleš and I were amazed by the staff approach toward us. Nothing was a problem, ramps were ready to use. Both stationary and portable. Simply awesome!

Of course, they won´t use concrete on the historical floor to make it more accessible. That´s why you can overcome problematic doorsills thank to ramps. The Grabštejn Castle is still being reconstructed as it was really badly treated by the communist regime.

You don´t see often that they think about people with disability so carefully during such reconstruction. There a lift or let´s say lifting platform thanks to which everyone with mobility issues can get to the ground floor (first floor) where you can find historical offices of scribes and clerks of the dominion and a flat of chief forester.

The way up and down here.

The main attraction is the newly reconstructed chapel, which suffered from bad care since the 50s of 20th century. Even the chapel is accessible to disabled thank to portable ramp to easily overcome the historical doorsills.

As you could see at the pictures, somebody was really thinking about accessibility. The solution of accessibility is put together carefully. It might not have historical value, but it doesn´t draw visitors attention and you think it´s part of the place.

The second floor is not accessible to wheelchair users (there are stairs), but the tour on the first accessible floor will take about 50 minutes. It is great for sure.

There is a gazebo and a lawn where you can relax and boost your energy in the surrounding area of the Grabštejn Castle.

We did the the tour by ourselves without help of others.