Tri-point in the Czech Republic

By Aleš Černohouz

Tri-point – a place where three states of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland meet - and Hrádek nad Nisou were our mapping goals this time.

Our first stop was a restaurant called Nostalgie, which was highly recommended to us. There is barrier- free entrance, stylish interior, very friendly staff, but the only thing hard to find is an accessible toilet. We enjoyed ourselves anyway, a great place to refresh and continue to the city center of Hrádek nad Nisou.

There is tourist information center Brána Trojzemi (the Gate of Tri-point), which we visited, and two bays for disabled in the town square. There is also an exposition, a cinema, a library and last but not least an accessible toilet. Be careful of the toilet support rails, which have support to the ground, but don´t seem to be solid as being anchored into plasterboard.

Woo hoo! Let´s continue to our main plan, which is the way around the Tri-point. We go back to Nostalgie restaurant, where is our time proven assistant and companion Honza waiting for us already.

We hit the road and cross the border for the first time. Go through the german town of Hartau and join the beautiful and straight avenue of trees, which will lead us to the outskirts of Zittau, where we cross the border one more time, this time the Polish border.

This about one-kilometer long part goes along the major road. You can use the services of three petrol stations to get something to eat, use a toilet and do some shopping.

We turn to the road leading through the trees. It takes us to the place where three states meet. We can find memorials, a cross and flags of the countries and the EU one as well. Be careful when wet on small part with longitudinal and transverse slope. Our colleague Tom visited this place in a battery powered wheelchair week later and the road was slippery even because of slugs everywhere.

After a little break and we continue along the czech trail to the lake Kristýna. You can turn and go on a wooden path to the local wetlands. We couldn´t get far because of birds nesting.

Lake Kristýna will surprise you not only by how big it is, but also by its beautiful environment. There is a big camp, which should provide two accessible cabins with a bathroom included. It was late in the afternoon and ladies at the reception desk are at the end of the shift. We have to leave it to some other day.

We enjoy this pleasant stroll around the lake. There are all kinds of exercise equipment. What a pleasant surprise is in Bistro Panelka with an accessible toilet which can be open by Eurokey.

Overwhelmed by experience we finish today´s trail and return to Nostalgie restaurant, where our Tri- point trip started. Don´t hesitate to go by yourselves, it´s really worth it.