Harrachov – a small mountain town where to get some fresh air… in the Czech Republic

This year, it doesn´t look like a holiday abroad due to coronavirus. But once we´ll be able to explore safely… the Czech Republic is waiting for you. There are many places that are worth visiting and getting to know. The mountain town called Harrachov has a lot to offer during the summer season not only during the winter as it is a ski resort.

There are several pleasant and relatively easy walks:

Our favorite is the route around Huťský pond (furnace pond). The starting point is the Norma shop. Then one has to quickly move across the road to Poland. Pay close attention to traffic, because trucks here are quite fast. Then continue for a while along the road of the E65 towards Poland until you reach a left turn.

There you can continue safely without cars. Don't forget to stop at the stable behind the hunting lodge and take a look at the horses through the window.

You will continue to enjoy the fresh air in the forest. The road is unpaved in this part, but well accessible for a wheelchair user. In one place, the road splits and you keep the direction to the left. In this section, there are water cross drain at several places and the wheelchair must overcome it. It is better if someone helps you that the small front wheel of the wheelchair will not get in. Then continue along a nice forest path around the stream to Huťský pond.

It can be dry because they use the water in the glass factory, but it is usually full, beautiful and clean. Sit back, relax and breathe. Notice that there are massive pieces of wood in the pond. They have been soaked in the water for years and used to make molds for glassmakers to use.

Be careful, on the way from the pond. The road gets steep a bit. Then the road is without problems all the way to the crush barrier, which is either open or you can go around thanks to the wooden footbridge. Then follow the asphalt road around the glassworks, where you can definitely buy a beer from the local brewery at the reception and that´s the finish of the route leading back to the main road.

Visit Mumlava waterfall in a wheelchair

Mumlava Waterfall (Mumlava Waterfalls) is one of the most visited attractions in the Krkonoše Mountains (Giant Mountains). And we are taking there everybody that comes to visit us and Harrachov.

How to get there? Look for Norma shop, there a pleasant asphalt road leading through the forest nearby. No problem for both manual and powered wheelchair.

It passes under a viaduct that has inner walls painted by graffiti and then a crossroad appear. Continue straight. If you are not sure where to go, there is an information board with a map and a rest area. Keep going.

Sunshine alternates with the shade of trees and suddenly the road is unpaved. You will see maller bunch of people in the distance. They are sitting at the tables of a basic restaurant Srub u Lišáka.

They offer a little bit of refreshments (eg home-made cakes, fried cheese or soup) to the visitors and right across the road there is a railing and a fairly wide path down ... to the footbridge overlooking the Mumlava waterfall.

For the wheelchair, the way down may be bit of challenge. Several times you´ll have to overcome few obstacles. But otherwise cool. Getting to the bridge is possible but get over stones. Sometimes I can manage it, sometimes not. If you can not get on the footbridge, you can still see the waterfall, but couple of branches get in your view.

Don´t miss this comfortable hike.

Where to eat in Harrachov?

For example, in the barrier-free restaurant of the 7 pension, which you will find right in the center of this town. Good food and relatively large portions for a good price. You can get under the table without any major problems. Only the toilet is inaccessible.

Another accessible restaurant is the restaurant U dvou kocourů (Two cats restaurant), where is also a toilet for wheelchair users.

They got the wide ramp from the side of the building. We just noticed that it is better to stick to the wall when approaching. At the bottom, several thick wires stick out of the concrete from the ramp. Well, I don't know what my tires would look like if I ran into a wire, probably not much. We warned the staff, maybe they fixed it already.

Where to stay?

From time to time we meet a lady in an electric wheelchair, who is always accommodated at the Sklář hotel.

Hanka's review

Without barriers, the hotel has a restaurant, wheelchair accessible toilet. The hotel is located on the edge of the forest at an altitude of 700 m., Yet it is only 5 minutes walk from the center of Harrachov. Spa and wellness stays, stays for families with children, but also with a pet.

Enjoy your stay!