Poděbrady - the right cure for your heart

Celebrating Easter in the spa city of Poděbrady was a great idea, even when the weather was not exactly in our favor.

Right after staying at the Art Hotel, where they have two accessible rooms, my mother and I went straight on Tyršová Street to the park and to Professor Libenský's colonnade. The original glass colonnade was built in 1938, according to the designs of architect Vojtěch Kerhart. Unfortunately, Pramen Boček (spring) has not been launched for the season yet, but there are more of them around the city and with year-round operation. We were close to the Rieger spring.

We were especially interested in the beautiful flower clock from the 1930s, which strikes time and the gardener changes the date every day. They were probably inspired by a similar clock with a carillon in Cittau The big hand has 205 cm and its little hand has 185 cm. If one doesn't have a photo of the flower clock, it's as if one hasn't even been to the city of Poděbrady.

But a little more famous is the cast-iron figure of the gnome, who usually patiently helped the clock tick the time by tapping on a tin toadstool. But he wasn't there this time.  Poor thing has a difficult history. It was created in 1938 and changed its location several times during its existence. In 1960, it was labeled "bourgeois kitsch" by the communist regime, and therefore disappeared for many years. He did not appear again until 1997. He hid from us because we simply could not find him.

The history of Poděbrady Castle dates back to 1108, when Přemysl Otakar II. had an originally Gothic castle built. Over the years it has gone through many reconstructions as each owner had different idea. Here we find elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. The current look dates from 1723 to 1780. Probably the most interesting thing is that the dowser K. Bülov from Bothkamp (in 1905) found the first spring of mineral water right in the main courtyard, and thanks to this, we have the largest spa in the Central Bohemian Region today. The Elbe region Museum with exhibits on the history of the town and the life of King George of Poděbrady is located on the premises of the castle. Unfortunately, up the stairs.

The square is also named after King George, where, in addition to the Plaque Column from 1765 with statues of St. Wenceslas, Vojtěch, Prokop and Florián and the Mother of God, also stands the enormous four-meter equestrian statue of king George on a stone plinth. It is also interesting that it was built in a similar style as the famous Statue of Liberty. They attached sheets copper to the frame, which was an unusual construction method at the time.

The tourist center is barrier-free and spacious, you just have to have someone hold the door for you.

Around Poděbrady you can take many amazing trips, we chose Kutná Hora and Pardubice...