Journey to the End of the World

The plan looked something like this: We’d leave Portland and ride over Mt. Hood before heading south to central Oregon, then cut over to the coast at San Francisco and go south through Mexico and Central America. From there we would take a boat to Colombia, climb into the Andes and ride down the mountains along the west coast of South America, eventually reaching the bottom of the continent in Argentine Patagonia. We thought we could cover roughly 10,000 miles over the course of the year. Averaging 35 miles a day, we’d be able to take a day of rest after every five days of riding. Apart from the few times that friends and family would visit us en route, we’d be on our own.


A wheelchair user has attempted to 'Race The Tube' in a bid to raise awareness of London Underground access for disabled people.
Anthony Ince was inspired by Londoner Jason Heptonstall's video in which viewers watched as he raced a Circle Line train, and won.
The 43-year-old cerebral palsy-sufferer filmed the footage as he embarked on a similar challenge, racing 380 metres from Mansion House to the next stop - Cannon Street. 

Trip to Munich Bavaria, Germany

Munich Bavaria is a beautiful wealthy first world town. Everything is thought out and of course “in ordnung” (in order). The city is very flat so you are never challenged by hilly terrain. There are sidewalk bike lanes and cars do not congest the inner city. Walking around in fine weather could not be more pleasant. I have never seen so many people using wheelchairs, just being out and about visibly living their lives than anywhere else in my travels. This includes the U.S.