59 countries in 5 years – Wheelchair no barrier to exploring the world proves Parvinder Chawla

Traveling alone as a woman with disability is not impossible, believes Parvinder Chawla. This feisty Mumbaikar has gone to places, strange and familiar, on her wheelchair. Undeterred by the lockdown, Pammu, as friends and family call her, is currently driving around across India and posts videos of her experiences on Instagram. Follow her stories on @wheelchairandeye.

Accessible Outdoor Recreation Travel Guide

Source: https://willamettepartnership.org/

The Accessible Outdoor Recreation Travel Guide was created specifically for people in the disabilities community, to provide the information you need to plan a fabulous trip before you head outdoors.

While this guide is by no means an exhaustive list of all the accessible recreation spots in Oregon, it includes popular favorites and hidden gems that came directly from the local community.