Zámek Větruše
category: sights
Fibichova 392/25, Ústí nad Labem, CZ
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Visited: 10/20
Marie Harcubova
The Větruše Castle is used as a hotel. There´s a mirror and a natural labyrinth, playground for children and area for sport activities. You can enjoy restaurant and its terrace with beautiful views.

WC accessible
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Visited: 8/14
Hanka Jetenská
Throughout the building are wheelchair access, the hotel has 3 wheelchair accessible rooms. WC is wheelchair accessible. The building Větruše is a nice restaurant with a panoramic terrace and hotel. Větruše can be reached from the Forum shopping center lift. There is a natural mirror maze, a playground and sports fields. The castle is used as a hotel and restaurant. The building has a 30m high tower that serves as a lookout.
Text was translated from Czech.
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