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Hanka Jetenská
In the courtyard of the castle wheelchair easily gets further examination is needed to have with me two strong assistants who would help him overcome 12 more stairs without assistance, the wheelchair does not look anywhere around the castle. Gothic Castle New Castle stands on a rocky promontory above the canopy and southwest of New Castle District in Czech Budejovice. Due to the overgrown trees surrounding the castle is not much to see from a distance. 3 sightseeing routes, route no. 1 Castle ( Buquoys interiors ), route no. 2 - Flat manorial officer, the exhibition is 3.trase Rozmberska Nové Hrady, ramparts and moat. Paid parking is 100 meters from the Castle Square, the road to the castle is by plane. Free parking is 400 meters from the castle next to the bus station, the road is nearly level.
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