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Hanka Jetenská
The road is not entirely a wheelchair suitable, is only partially wheelchair accessible. Rieger is a hiking trail, red-marked trail that leads from Semil in Zelezny Brod. The trail leads along the Jizera River and its length is less than 5 km. The path leads through the romantic valley of the Jizera and rocky canyon Gallery Jizera. The road is partly Extracted in the rock, leads past several vantage points from which a beautiful view of the Jizera river and its valley. From the Gallery on Semil Rieger Trail is a nice although a little difficult - Disability trip for wheelchair users. The journey starts from the parking lot at the National Archives in Semily is on the pavement. Then left at the bridge, then turns to the right, then cross the road and continue along a straight asphalt bike path along the river Jizera. At the end of the trail then right over a wooden footbridge. At the crossroads turn left onto the rough asphalt road, then the road is smooth asphalt. The road ends and then it is only the stony - gravel road. At the end of the stones on the road.
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