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Hanka Jetenská
The hotel has wheelchair 1x 2-bed room, 1 apartment, a total of 31 rooms. Large spacious apartment has wheelchair-accessible bathroom (bath, height 50 cm ) and WC ( access only from the side), all doors are 80 cm wide. To enter the ramp from the parking lot, entrance doors 80 cm ( 160 cm). Lift has automatic opening door 90 cm, 110x140 cab. In the bathroom doors are 80 cm merged with WC, shower, reclining sofa, solid handles. Disabled WC - door 80 cm, 90 cm in front of the bowl, the bowl next to 130 cm, the free space bowl 130x130cm, vm 40 cm, hinged handles. The restaurant wheelchair accessible toilet, it has a door 80 cm, 53 cm in front of the space, in addition to 70 cm, vm 40 cm, solid handle 1x, 1x folding handle. In the parking lot there are two places reserved for wheelchair users.
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