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Milan Janco
Bratislava castle above the city Bratislava is largely wheelchair accessible. Recommended wheelchair access to the castle hill is Zámocký Street and follow the street Palisades, courtyard, playing in front of the palace. The castle is entered through the castle gate. There is excess wheelchair may need spotting. In the courtyard wheelchair goes to the left, the so-called. Tereziánskemu honest stairs and around the right direction to getting to the elevators connecting each floor of the palace with expositions of the Historical Museum SNM. Bezbariérvě inaccessible to remain so. Treasury (exhibition of archaeological finds, 4 rooms (2 Kurunní tower and the entire Crown Tower.) After the general reconstruction of the castle, which was secured maximal barrier-free house, were on the upper floors also installed accessible toilets adapted for wheelchair users. In the future, also counts with tactile exhibits for visitors with visual handicaps.
Text was translated from Czech.

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