Botlierskop Private Game Reserve
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Little Brack River, Mossel Bay, ZA
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Visited: 3/13
Marie Harcubova
Our friends from Mossel Bay took us to Batlierskop Game Reserve. Over 26 different species live in this area of 3500 ha. What a great experience this 3-hours guided tour was. I had to sit in the front seat next to the guide in their safari car. It was the only place with a seat belt. The terrain was bumpy from time to time. We admired our guides driving skills.

The guide talked to his colleague over walkie-talkie to get to the animals as close as possible. I never forget the group of rhinos we met. There was a baby and its big mommy got scared we´ll do something to her lovely baby. She walked and walked, faster and faster. The guide had to stop her by loud boucing into door. It worked.

Interesting fact is that lions sleep over 20 hours a day. Kitties we met, were very tired and the guy assured us that they already ate. Seeing the king and queen of the wild world was amazing.

My mom also took beautiful pics of giraffes. They looked really stunning.

If you´ll visit South Africa, don´t miss this!
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