Antická Gerulata
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Gerulatská 69, Bratislava, SK
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Milan Janco
Exhibition at the Municipal Museum in Bratislava is the archaeologically explored Roman camp / Roman city Gerulata. The building of the museum with lapidary and exhibited a selection of findings documenting the everyday life of the Roman era is wheelchair accessible. The area 's archeological remains of the fortress architecture of the 3rd century. For the visually disadvantaged visitors will enjoy the exhibition, select the copy discovered in Gerulate designed to recognize touch. The signs are in Braille and large print magnified. The museum operates a lecturer who submits a descriptive interpretation. Since it is part of the UNESCO Gerulata Limes Romanus, expected reconstruction and extension of the museum and its facilities. It is necessary to verify that the components of the existing museum disabled-friendly toilets adapted for wheelchair users.
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