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Václavské náměstí
Václavské nám., Praha, CZ
Cape Town Waterfront
Dock Rd, iKapa, ZA
London Heathrow Airport (LHR) (London Heathrow Airport)
Nelson Rd, London, GB
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World War II Memorial
category: sights
1750 Independence Ave SW, Washington, US
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Slavnostně jej otevřeli v roce 2004. Náměstí pod širým nebem se skládá z 56 pilířů a 2 oblouků. Díky fontánám je toto čestné místo také krásné.
Na The Freedom Wall můžete vidět 4000 hvězd, které představují 400 000 amerických vojáků, kteří přišli o život.

Památka je dobře přístupná pro hendikepované.
Text was translated from Czech.
Hotel Arena
category: accommodation
Jeronymova 494, Liberec, CZ
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My mother and I had the opportunity to try accommodation at the Aréna hotel recently.

Guest parking is behind a barrier, but they do not have a bay for disabled.

The reception is easily accessible and you can talk to the staff face to face.

Disabled people can reach the rooms by elevator. It lacks a mirror.
The room itself is simply furnished. There was a table and a chair missing, where you can put your PC and just sit down.

There is plenty of space in the bathroom, but the handles at the wash bowl are in the strange position.

There is enough space between the sink and the toilet for a smaller wheelchair, but a larger one might have trouble maneuvering.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant. Wheelchair users can only get there from the outside using a long ramp next to the main entrance. It can be uncomfortable in winter.